Frequently Asked Questions

*Summer 2021 - Only Day Camps Available*

*Every player receives a free ball, a free water bottle, and a free lanyard*

*The day camps are open to male and female players of all abilities, ages 6-18*

Day Campers have always been a big part of the English Soccer Experience camps at NAU.


Many of the day campers are local players yet we also attract a lot of day campers from around the state.

The day camps are open to male and female players of all abilities, ages 6-18.

FAQs click here

Player rules click here

COVID-19 protocols click here

What to bring to camp click here

The daily schedule click here

NAU Medical Consent Form click here (bring to check in)

NAU Assumption of Risk Waiver Non-Student Minor Participation click here (must be submitted before attending camp)

NAU Behavioral Expectations for Authorized Adults click here (must be submitted before attending camp)

Parent/guardian should complete our Standardized Screening Assessment prior to the player arriving at the fields: click here

What are the rules for campers?

During camp, we and NAU, have high expectations of the campers in terms of behavior, discipline, attitude, and responsibility. We will not hesitate to send home any player who does not abide by the rules. 

What are the ages and ability levels of the players?

We accept boys and girls of all ability levels ages 7-18. We attract players that cover the full spectrum of age and ability levels. We see relatively inexperienced players and advanced Club level players.

How do I register?

You can register in 2 ways. Either print off a registration form from this website and mail it in or register online.

Can I pay a deposit?

Yes, you can both online and by mail. It is a non-refundable deposit of $150.

What happens after I register?

If you register online you will receive an automatic email confirming your registration. If you register by mail you will receive a confirmation email from one of the camp directors.

What happens to the balance?

The balance must be paid at least 30 days prior to the start of the camp. If you registered online the balance will be charged to your account 30 days out. If you registered by mail, it is your responsibility to pay the balance on time by mail.

Can I make payments?

Yes, you can! We have a very flexible payment plan – you tell us the amounts you can pay and the dates you will pay and we will approve it!


How do you communicate as the camp approaches?

Most of the information you need is on this website. If there is anything else we need to communicate as the camp approaches we will send an email. Additionally, we will update our Facebook page with any new info so please ‘like’ us:

We will also be tweeting while on camp so please follow us on Twitter: @englishsoccerus

Which of your programs is the best?

We are trying to accommodate the needs of all players. We are only allowed to run day camps this summer. No particular program is better than the other they are just slightly different. All of the players on camp practice on the same fields, and eat in the same cafeteria.

How do you select the training groups?

The groups are put together dependent upon age and gender. If you sign up as a group, that group will stay together throughout the week, assuming the group is of a similar age.

When are drop-off and pick-up?

Check-in time for Day Camp Pro Shooting and Pro Goalkeepers is Monday-Friday at 8:45 am (30 min early drop off allowed).


All other Day Campers check in Monday-Friday at 9:45 am. Pick-up time is 5:00 pm Monday-Friday (30 min late pick-up allowed).


On Saturday we will have a training session from 9:00 am to 10:30 am (Optional).

What about meals?

Lunch is not included. Players can either be picked up or must eat in the cafeteria. NAU is not allowing any player to bring their own lunch this summer. The cost to purchase lunch from the cafeteria is $10.92 (this is including tax).

The meals are buffet-style and prepared by the University. There is always a choice of different foods at all meals. We will talk to the campers about making good food choices throughout the week.

If you your child has any dietary needs, please contact us at

If you are deciding to pick up your child for lunch you must check them out with their coach before leaving the fields.

Lunch will take place at NAU’s Hot Spot (

There will be snack break each day. Snacks will not be provided so please pack a snack.

Players will be able to refill their water bottles at the caferita and fields..



Do the players need to bring money?

It is entirely up to you. In addition to the free t-shirt, ball, water bottle and lanyard we do sell coach commemorative camp t-shirts for $20 and hoodies for $30. These are the same style as the coaches wear and they are very popular. Last year we did sell out.

Should the campers be fit before they arrive?

We recommend that all of the players do some training in advance of the camps. The soccer camps are physically demanding and all players participate in at least 3 sessions per day.


What about injuries on camp?

When a player gets hurt on camp we will call the parents if we believe medical treatment is required. Depending on the severity of the injury we will either take the player to emergency or the local urgent care. NAU does require a medical release form filled out if we use the on-campus medical facility.

Where are the soccer fields?

All field sessions are at the South Recreation Complex 2475 S Huffer Ln, Flagstaff, AZ 86011 (click here for map link). 


The complex is located in the south portion of NAU’s campus, on the corner of Pine Knoll Drive and South Huffer Lane, across from the Southwest Forest Science Complex (85 – south recreation complex)

Is there security?

NAU also has its own campus police force that is available at all times:

Who are the coaches?

The coaches are a mix of English and US-based coaches. The coaches are handpicked by Mark Lowe and Andy Ward. All of the coaches are ex or current players, qualified coaches, and have considerable experience working with young players.

Do you have female counselors?

Yes we do. The female counselors are typically ex campers who are very familiar with the soccer camp and how it is run. They are available at all times to attend to the needs of all the female campers.

What is the Camp Director's cell phone number?

Andy Ward’s cell at camp: 480 310 3554 (call or text).


What to bring to camp?

  • Cell phones are allowed under the following conditions: Emergencies


  • Phones are not allowed to be turned on throughout the day. We want players to enjoy the camp experience and make friends! The camp staff does carry cell phones and if players need to contact parents they can do so during the periods of downtime. If parents need to communicate info to players during camp please call/text Andy Ward @ 480.310.3554.


  • Lunch money. Players can eat in the cafeteria. NAU is not allowing any player to bring their own lunch this summer. The cost to purchase lunch is $10.92 (this is including tax).


  • Water and sports drinks are allowed. We do have water at the fields at all times.


  • Sunscreen, Chapstick – the sun is extremely strong at altitude.


  • During the afternoon session, it often rains and sometimes gets a little chilly so pack a rain top or sweats. The temps drop during the evening session also.


  • A water bottle to take to the fields and a snack.


  • Soccer attire and equipment. Shin guards are mandatory and correct soccer footwear for outside fields is necessary. The fields are artificial turf fields so cleats or flats are appropriate. TRY NOT TO BRING NEW SHOES.


  • Day campers should bring alternative footwear for use in the cafeteria.


  • All field sessions are on the NAU South Recreation Field (Pine Knoll Drive) across from the Southwest Forest Science Complex.


What is the daily schedule?

Monday - Friday


9:00 AM – 10:00 AM: Pro Shooting and Pro Goalkeeping (30 min early drop-off allowed).


10:00 AM – 11:30 AM: Technical training session starts – all campers.


11:30 AM – 12:45 PM: Morning session ends. Players and staff walk to lunch (players can be picked for lunch – must check out with coach).


1:00 PM: Afternoon skill stations start – all campers.


2.30 PM: The afternoon session ends. All campers have a snack break supervised by ESE staff (snacks not provided).


3:30 PM: Small-sided games and scrimmages for all players.


5:00 PM: All campers picked up (30 min late pickup allowed).




9:00 AM – 10:30 AM: Small-sided games and scrimmages. (Optional)


Can parents visit during camp?

  • No spectators are allowed in the field or cafeteria facilities. The camps were approved to operate at NAU with spectators' conditions not allowed until further notice. 

  • There is a wide array of affordable dining and lodging options in the Flagstaff area. If you need any advice please do not hesitate to reach out. The Discover Flagstaff website is a fantastic resource for anyone visiting Flagstaff. They publish a very comprehensive and informative Official Visitor Guide that features accommodations, restaurants, activities, and useful travel information for the Flagstaff area.