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Pro Sklz - new for 2018

In an attempt to continuously redefine the soccer training environment we have added a state-of-the-art new training system. Our Pro Skilz program is a combination of personal instruction, innovative technology, cutting edge equipment and analytical feedback. This is a game changer!

Having been at the forefront of soccer education for 26 years we understand the wants and needs of the modern player and how the landscape has changed. In order to meet these ever-changing demands we have put together the most comprehensive training program in Arizona or in the history of ESE.

No stone left unturned in the pursuit of soccer coaching excellence. 



  • 4 sessions per day

  • The number of participants in this program will be limited to ensure a more personalized setting.

  • Intensive technical training using state of the art Skilz equipment.

  • Speed, agility and fitness using state of the art Skilz equipment.

  • Use of soccer appropriate technology to provide immediate feedback.

  • Use of 1v1 instruction to fine tune areas of weakness

  • In depth written evaluations based upon the functional demands of soccer.

  • Technological feedback protocols.

  • Player and parent post-camp meeting to discuss a thorough plan of action.

The players that opt for the Pro Skilz program will follow the same camp schedule as everyone else and will be fully immersed in all of the regular camp activities. 

Cost: $950

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